November 20, 2009

How can I do a "makeover" to my health habits and lifestyle? (Nutrition, fitness specialists help appreciated)

Caffeine and Health
Love Is Great asked:

What I mean, I do feel a little guilty about my bad dietary habits and some other things I'll mention. If you have any good suggestions and a good background about nutrition, fitness, and/or pyschology, please give me advice: (I'm a 22-year old male)

-My diet: I'm 6ft 1 tall, 78 kgs. Although my weight seems good to my height, but I'm guilty of eating a lot of fast food, chocolate, and soda drinks. I want to know what amounts & types of food should I concentrate on eating? Especially that I want to start working out, and gain abs. (Please notice that I avoid all alcoholic drinks and pork). And is it necessary to completely stop chocolate consumption? (I love this thing!)

-My fitness: I bought a home gym machine that has the following:
-Biceps and triceps exercises, legs , shoulder, chest and back. How often and long sholud I work out? And what is the best exercise for my stomach & gluteal region?

-My sleeping habits: I tend to sleep very late and wake up very late (I sleep at 7 am and wake up at 2-3 pm), which really affected my college life. Although I don’t drink large amounts of caffeine. I used to sleep at 1-2 am, but now I can’t, I think I ruined my biological clock. What things can I do to sleep at a reasonable time, and enjoy a good, deep sleep?
P.S: This started only lately, although I have nothing “psychological” that could cause it.

My mentality: How can I increase the power and pace of my memory? Especially the short-term one?

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Comments on How can I do a "makeover" to my health habits and lifestyle? (Nutrition, fitness specialists help appreciated)

November 23, 2009

Joe L @ 3:20 am

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